Wednesday, 26 June 2019

Personification Writing

In Koru 3 we have been working on personification writing. We have chosen every objects in the classroom that we are bringing to life, like a keyboard, door or chair. The first task was to choose an object and take a photo of it on our iPads. Next, we edited our photos to make it look like a human face and give it personality. After that we had to brainstorm ideas for our character and what descriptive language we would use to describe them. We chose between creating an interview of our character or a moment in time. When we finished our writing we were able to go onto Chatterpix and create a voice for our character. This part was so much fun getting to act as our object and be a bit silly. In our writing we worked on using descriptive language to give the audience an idea of our character's personality. Next week we'll be publishing our writing and some of us might even make our stories into iMovie trailers!

*This blog was written collaboratively with all students in Koru 3.

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