Thursday, 9 May 2019

Storytelling Term 2

This term we have started a new story for storytelling called The Fairy Godmother's Day Off. So far  we've heard the story for the first time, collaboratively made a story map and worked on our individual story maps. Jaelen said that we've been practicing learning each part of the story by utilising our story maps to to guide us in re-telling. The story maps also help us to learn the general plot structure of any story.

Darius said storytelling is fun because we get to draw our map and it' an exciting part of our classroom day-to-day. The activities we take part in get us up and moving around and are a great way to start our literacy and mornings.

Re-telling the story at home is fun and gives us a chance to practice with our whaānau!

Thursday, 2 May 2019

Diving Deeper Term 2

During our morning block on Wednesday, we went to the library to take part in the Diving Deeper program with Mrs. Nicholls. This blog post was written collaboratively with the help of Koru 3 students, especially Emma and Shyanne.

One activity we participated in was sketching a shoe. We used the soft pencils and charcoal to add shading and detail to our art. At first we found it easy to sketch on the paper. However, when we tried to sketch on the iPad app Sketch Schools, we found it quite challenging. When using our fingers on the iPad you don't how the drawing will turn out and we find this tricky.

The second activity we did was using a microscope tool on the camera of our iPads. First we had to hold the iPad firmly and slide it onto the microscope. Next we had to check that the tool was on properly and matched with our camera. After that we went outside to find plants, buildings or anything we wanted to take a close picture of. First we took photos up close with the microscope and then we took more pictures of the same item, getting further away each time. Finally, using the photos we took, we painted with as much detail as possible. Some of us found it challenging to paint our picture with the same detail and observation of the microscope. A highlight was being able to use different paints, including black and white to create different shades and colours.

We can't wait to go back for our next session of Diving Deeper!

Monday, 11 March 2019

Koru Designs

In Koru 3 last week, during our te reo Māori lesson, we learned about the meaning of our class name. In te reo, a koru often refers literally to the fern frond as it uncoils and grows. It is a symbol of many ideas, one of which means new life or growth.

When asked about our learning, students noted that after learning what koru means, they could draw it as new class logo. Others said that drawing helps them to learn and they enjoy it because it’s fun to draw.  Some students showed off their creativity by making their designs into koru necklaces.

*This blog was written with the help of Koru 3 students.

Thursday, 21 February 2019

Haere Mai Koru 3!

This term we’ve been learning about each other and finding our groove in our new Koru 3 classroom.  Everyone has shown they take our Bromley values seriously, especially Being Courageous when sharing with the class.

This week we brought in personal taonga to show and share together. Our taonga are one element of our term project called All About Me. We’ll be presenting our final project digitally at the end of Term 1.
This week we also started our blogs to share and write about our learning each week. Luckily some friends from Koru 1 came to help us set them up!

Stay tuned for our first blog posts next week.

Storytelling Term 2

This term we have started a new story for storytelling called The Fairy Godmother's Day Off. So far  we've heard the story for the f...