Thursday, 15 August 2019

Year 6 Chisnallwood Taster Day

On Wednesday the Year 6's from our school went to Chisnallwood Intermediate School for a Taster Day. A taster day is when you visit a new school and experience what they have to offer. There were two other schools there, Linwood Ave. and St. James and we all took turns rotating around to different classes.

First, our group listened to Chisnallwood's many different music groups and the other schools rotated to different classrooms. There was a jazz band, choir, orchestra, a rock band, an Irish band and many unique instruments. Our favourite instruments were the violins, saxophones, the cello and the bass.

Next, we had a sausage sizzle for lunch which also included, juice boxes, chips and fruit. After lunch we were split into eight different groups. Each of the groups went to various classes and experienced interesting activities. Some of the classrooms included: ICT, art, woodwork, sport, and a science lab. Those of us in the ICT class learned coding, robotics and learnt binary code. In the woodwork shop we made keychains and had to use drills and a heating gun.

Some of our highlights from this trip were: learning to use a drill for the first time and hearing different instruments we hadn't heard before. We're all very excited (but still a little nervous) about going to intermediate next year!

*This blog was written collaboratively with help from Jaelah, Jaide, Candice and Holden.

Sunday, 11 August 2019

Storytelling Science

This term we've been learning about water through our story, Wondrous Water. We've also been conducting science experiments with water based on what we're learning.

First we started our science experiment with some jars that were filled with dye coloured water and some that were empty. Next, Ms. Van Hart placed rolled up paper towels connecting each jar to the one beside it. Then we wrote our observations of the experiment so far and what we thought would happen next. After that, we waited patiently to see what occurred overnight. We were so excited at the end of the day to see that the coloured dye had transferred from one jar to the next through the paper towels, just a like a train travelling on the train tracks. The blue and yellow dye mixed together in the middle jar to make an aqua colour.

We learned about using science vocabulary to describe what we see. Our highlight was taking part in a science experiment was fun! Our challenge was knowing what important observations to write down and what to leave out.

This blog post was written collaboratively and enthusiastically with a small group of Koru 3 students including, Alyesha, Niko, Emma and Darius.

Athletics Day Term 4

Yesterday we had Athletics Day at school and students split into their hapū groups for the day. Students were decked out in the hapū colours...