Thursday, 4 July 2019

End of Term 2 - Celebrating Matariki

Celebrating Matariki

At the end of this term we celebrated Matariki in many different ways. One way was to plan a Matariki breakfast. We started by choosing five food items that we would choose for breakfast items. We had to plan to cook for 10-20 people and our budget was $30 or less. After we made our list of items, we thought about the quantity we would need. Next we went onto the Countdown online shopping site (which was linked in a post in our Google Classroom) to research the cost of our food items. We used the research we found to decide if our original list fit with our budget or if we needed to adjust it. It was hard to make some decisions based on the price and what we wanted to cook.

At the end to celebrate we had a real Matariki brunch! We had pikelets with cinnamon brown sugar, icing sugar and lemon and a berry sauce. Emma even brought in some lollies too. We thought it was delicious, especially the sweetness of the sugar and the sourness of the berries.

These are some of our other highlights from Term 2:
Making stop motion videos
Going to the morning program
Getting to make clay and art
Personal Reading Time and reading our Class Novel
Matariki art colouring in, using a spirograph to make stars and poi
Spending time together as a class

Stay tuned for more news from Koru 3  in Term 3!

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