Thursday, 13 June 2019

Family Reporting Night

During our exhibition night in Koru 3 we took on leadership roles by showing our families around our classroom. The week before we prepared by making a list of our classwork and items we wanted to share with our families. Then we practiced by role-playing with a buddy. We showed them our work, what we are passionate about and most interested in. Some of our favourite things in our classroom that we shared were: Taco/Sombrero/Chili of the Week awards, our Curiosity Kete and Box of Gratitude, our pepeha and our maths equations and other work on the walls. We liked showing our families around because we got to show off what we've been doing all year. Harriet shared that she and her family had fun and shared lots of laughter during exhibition night.

*This blog was written collaboratively by Harriet, Felicity, Jaide and Ms. Van Hart.

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